Hailing from the Sunflower State, I started writing software in high school on a TI-83 calculator. After a brief stent playing soccer at Drake University, I transferred to the University of Kansas and completed my degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In my academic and professional software engineering career I have experience in a myriad of languages - everything from old school PL/M all the way to modern mainstay languages such as C, C++, Java, C#, JavaScript and TypeScript. I believe in a craftsman approach to software design and have extensive experience in DevOps automation, Cloud First Product Development, and SaaS Product Architecture.

I have worked in many different environments ranging from large multinationals to 5 person startups across industries such as Health Care, Energy, Insurance and Construction. Currently, in my role as a software architect I help design and build a SaaS product in the Construction Technology Planning and Schedule space.

Outside software engineering, I enjoy spending time with my incredible family, finding pickup soccer games, exploring the outdoors and supporting all University of Kansas and Kansas City sports teams. Rock Chalk and happy coding!